Shadow Skara Brae

Vincents Personal Home Shadow

Skara Brae is loosely based upon the magical Earth of the Harry Potter series. The majority of the population is mundane, called Muggles by the Wizard population. About one person in four thousand can use magic or has the capacity to learn magic. There are also Squibs, humans born with tiny traces of magic, but who lack the ability to use it actively. Squibs can use magical devices without difficulty at least, and can learn technology well enough to function in Muggle society.

Muggles are much more adept with technology than Wizards. Muggles can perceive blatantly presented magic, but generally tend to try to ignore or rationalize it as something else like concealed technology.

Wizards struggle with complex technology, though they can reproduce similar effects with their magic. Wizards use wands as tools and can do very little magic without their wands. Wands are personalized, but they can usually be traded from one person to another.

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