Character Creation/ Experience Points

This page contains the basic rules for character creation and some notes on experience.

200 points

No Advanced powers starting

You must write one backstory for your character before I will start your first thread.
Something to help give me an idea about your character beyond the stats on his character sheet.
Remember time frame, your backstory should take place before, during, or immediately after the events of the books.
As the game starts less than one year afterward.

Each Character will receive one item free of cost at character creation. 12 pts
No Pattern Blades or Spikards. If you want one of those, you'll have to earn it.
Also if you wanted you can spend those 12 points on a shadow if you'd prefer that over an item or creature.


Backstories will get you (1-3) experience points depending on how many stories you write but no more than 3 points.

Experience will probably be anywhere from (1-5) points depending on how many posts we get in each given month. (I may give out chunks for Major achievements too I haven't quite decided.)

Also Good and Bad stuff will max at 10 pts either direction. When I put Experience on you character sheet feel free to move it to good stuff if you're holding onto it, or spend it right into stats. For example you need 25 points to move up to advanced pattern. So put the first ten points into good stuff and be lucky while you earn the next fifteen experience. Then dump all 25 into your power.

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