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ShadowMaster419ShadowMaster419 15 Aug 2019 01:05
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LOL Thanks Guys.

Re: MIA by ShadowMaster419ShadowMaster419, 15 Aug 2019 01:05
GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC 14 Aug 2019 23:43
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Happy Birthday and remember, what happens in Begma, I mean Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Re: MIA by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 14 Aug 2019 23:43

Danni watches what almost seems to be a rather intricate and odd combination of dinner theater and illusionist show take place at the center of the circle. In her home world this would be just that, an illusion and show, but though she is not magically gifted or inclined herself, Deirdre’s youngest was well prepared by her Mother for what she might face in the myriad of worlds that walking the Pattern opened up to Danni, especially the biggest circus of all in Amber itself. Magic here was real, and though she knew none of the people involved, save for her sisters, she didn’t need to be a mage or rocket scientist to know that these folks were likely not plucked from some boring dinner party in a not all that interesting or important Shadow.

Hell, in some way she helped her sisters kill a King earlier in the day in what seemed prelude to the bizarre apparition that appeared before her now. When killing the King of Kashfa is the opening act, one has to presume that the meat of the action and the grand finale are going to be something spectacular in that fucked up way Amberites and their Chaosian cousins just seem unable to resist doing.

She had seen a long ago glimpse of Mirelle in a picture her Mother had shown to her, not enough to truly remember the woman, but give the context of the night and day and things she overheard after the lovely darting incident, she had a pretty damned good idea who the alpha bitch was hosting this party.

Danni made no effort to get closer, even after Daphne suggested it, instead she hissed at any nearby soldiers to move away from she and Daphne, her bitchiness sounding enough like Daniella herself to give the two sisters a space all to themselves, with Daniella and Darya and their company obscuring Mirelle’s vision of Danni and Daphne.

Being left with her quirky and slightly off kilter sister had its advantages and Danni knew just what they were.

“Daphne, I didn’t want to worry those two, you know how they get, but the job we carried out today didn’t go nearly as clean and easy as it seemed. When Darya and I were split up I tangled with a mage. I got the better of her, but not before she cast something on me, a spell or hex, something really bad, and my guts feel like I’m dying. We must have an Aunt or Uncle that can help me, someone really powerfully magical…not Mirelle or anyone here, I kind of want to take care of this privately so Daniella doesn’t think me worthless, at least not more than she already does. Could you spare a Trump of someone like that, maybe even a cousin will do if they are…oh fuck, it hurts…if they are really powerful and skilled, pleassssse?” Danni asked and pleaded, her body language looking as if indeed there was something majorly wrong with Danni that she had been hiding from the others.

She doubted Trumps worked freely within the dome, but thanks to Luke’s last few observations she knew people could walk right through and out of the light that created the weird dome thing. Get closer and listen in? Not Danni, her plan was to get a Trump of someone far better equipped to deal with this nonsense and to slip outside the dome to use it. Daniella and Darya would never fall for this, but Daphne was left behind and Danni knew she had a much bigger soft spot than the other two ever would, as she looked to Daphne with a pained grimace and sad puppy dog eyes that she had always been so good with…she was the baby of the family after all.

Re: The Daughters of Dierdre by MZ3MZ3, 14 Aug 2019 22:09

Kieryn raises an eyebrow when Jinx says he has a better idea. No doubt this is true; he knows Amber and Rebma better, and Random, too. Then he tells her the idea.

"I'm okay being a messenger," she replies. Then she shakes her head, getting more emphatic as Jinx goes on with his stupid plan.

Kieryn walks over to Moire, muttering to Jinx, "Absolutely not."

Kieryn clearly approves of the Queen's words. "What about inviting Martin down here and then imprisoning him and slaughtering his army? Nobody would ever try to do anything like this again." Then Moire finishes with her words of iron. Kieryn is very impressed.

When Jinx asks the Queen if she is sure Kieryn puts her hand over his mouth. "Shut up, Jinx," she says with no rancor.

After the Queen finishes speaking Kieryn smiles at her. "I will stay and see this through. I told Random I'd try to keep Jinx alive. Don't make it harder on me." This last is spoken to Jinx and she swats his shoulder. "If Martin is an excellent planner he already has agents in the city. You need bodyguards." She looks at Moire. "I don't know what kind of relationship you had with Martin but you should be careful too, Moire."

Re: A Random call. by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 14 Aug 2019 21:30

Markus seems a little hung up on the castle. "I suppose so. The Castle isn't everything. The Bayle estate is my favorite place in Amber. It's just a little stuffy and serious here in the castle."

Something odd caught Vincent's eye. A subtle glow, growing stronger, changing from a tiny point into a circle behind Random. It looked like some kind of portal, there was a landscape visible directly through the circle. Vincent was about to say something, when the circle suddenly moved forward to swallow the table and everyone sitting there.

If anyone at the table wasn't looking at the right place at the right moment, they probably wouldn't get away.

If this was going to be fatal, at least Vincent would have plenty of company.

He grimaced and didn't move.

MZ3MZ3 14 Aug 2019 20:42
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Happy Birthday and bet all the shadows you like, they are infinite after all!!

Safe travels and have a great trip!

Re: MIA by MZ3MZ3, 14 Aug 2019 20:42
battleboozebattlebooze 14 Aug 2019 20:03
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Happy Birthday and have a blast! Don't bet the house away!

Re: MIA by battleboozebattlebooze, 14 Aug 2019 20:03
ShadowMaster419ShadowMaster419 14 Aug 2019 19:49
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Hey guys I'm leaving tomorrow for Vegas this week for my birthday this weekend on the 17th. I will be back on the 22nd next Thursday. So until then, the shadows stand still.

MIA by ShadowMaster419ShadowMaster419, 14 Aug 2019 19:49

"Must be nice to get to visit the palace here in Amber whenever you want without an invite." Markus said to Vincent.

Just after Vincent finished speaking to Markus. Something extremely out of the ordinary happened.

A light appeared just behind Randoms head, and then it quickly began to grow into a large circle behind the king.

Vincent could see the scenery change behind Random to a completely different area. A field of some sort maybe. A split second later the light began zooming in down the table sending it to another place as it encompassed everything it passed.

Vincent had a chance to avoid the circle, but only a split second to decide if he wanted to try and escape it, or if he would stick around since Collyn wouldn't make it out for sure.

The daughters of Dierdre all stood together waiting for something to happen. Daphne and Daniella looking no worse for wear from their short attack earlier. Darya and Danni now redressed, looking fine as well. So far so good, but what were they all waiting for. Everyone assembled there had to be there for a reason. The tent looked large enough to hold quite a few people none had appeared yet though.

Danni was looking across the way toward the tent when she saw the light appear. At first a very small speck of light against the backdrop of the tent. However within seconds the light grew into a bright glowing circle. Once it had reached it's full size it started zooming across the field about 30 feet or so. As it moved something began to appear in it's wake. It was leaving behind it a table and chairs complete with dining guests. It reached the other end of the table and the light shrank into a smaller and smaller circle until it all but disappeared.

The people sitting at the table were just far enough away that you couldn't really recognize anyone since it was unclear who they were looking at. Some of the diners leapt up looking bewildered and just as shocked by their sudden arrival. There was an assortment of men and a few women as well. No one clear on what had just happened and why… except.

It was then someone appeared in the opening of the tent. She was even further away then the diners were, but Danni suspected it was Mirelle by the brown hair and approximate height. As soon as she appeared a blue light shone from the tent into the sky, it spread out its blue light into another one of the domes she saw earlier.

Behind her appeared a man with green hair of all colors on the top of his head making him fairly recognizable if you knew him. They began walking towards the table. That's when Daniella began her way out to the table as well. She also ordered a few soldiers. "You men follow me." A group of four broke from the circle of men and walked behind Daniella towards the table. Daphne staying behind and Darya moving forward in the rear behind the soldiers.

Darya looks back at Danni as she begins forward and shakes her head no, as if to suggest Danni stay put and not follow.

Daphne leans in and says to Danni. "We might be able to hear from just a little closer if you're curious, but I don't think that conversation is going to have room for us to speak in though."

"Amber." Jinx mulls it over for a moment. Going to Amber would provide some extra security. Only the extremely stupid or overly brave would dare attack Amber directly. However Jinx wasn't the kind of person to run to daddy for help so he tossed that thought aside and said. "No, I've got a better idea."

Jinx looked to Kieryn. "Would you be willing to be a messenger. I was thinking that we have you wait on the beach with a white flag for Martin and his army to arrive ,and then you give him a message from me. It should avoid an army marching down the steps of Rebma. Tell him I will duel him on the beach swords or sorcery his choice. I win and his armies leave and don't attack Rebma. If he wins I will most likely be dead so he gets what he wants and Rebma still doesn't come under attack."

Kieryn was about to start a reply. When the Queen called out. "Jinx, Kieryn come here."

She waits for them to come over. "I'm not letting anyone duel on the beach. Yes I could hear you from here. You're here under my protection and I will send Martin a message of my own. If he tries to bring an army down those steps he will never make it to the golden gates of my city. An army marching from the surface doesn't worry me." She tells one of the nearby guards. "Take this message to the guard gate and send one guard to the top with a white flag and this message. Take your army and leave now, or attempt to come down to Rebma and die. That is all. This is no negotiation, no terms, he just needs to know marching an army down those steps will mean death. Go now."

The soldier ran off with his orders. Jinx looks to Moire. "Thanks for your protection. Are you certain you wouldn't rather want me to go handle it without bringing Rebma into it?"

"No." Says the Queen, and then she continues. "I think you should stay here. Kieryn you're welcome to stay here as well for the duration or take your leave now. Rebma and Jinx too I'm sure, owe you a huge favor for your warning."

Re: A Random call. by ShadowMaster419ShadowMaster419, 14 Aug 2019 17:34
Re: OOC Thread 1
battleboozebattlebooze 14 Aug 2019 06:47
in discussion OOC / OOC » OOC Thread 1

Hah, I went to take a nap for an hour and fell into a deep sleep. One hour turned into four.

Up? Umm. I think I slept through my chance to do that. Here, let me summon up some more…

Re: OOC Thread 1 by battleboozebattlebooze, 14 Aug 2019 06:47
Re: OOC Thread 1
MZ3MZ3 14 Aug 2019 03:00
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Space rain, there is a GM usable concept in an Amber game if I ever heard one (-:

Radar map actually looks like North Carolina is getting the worst of it, wet Tar Heels, bleh.

The house, good question, wish I had a better answer for it.

Re: OOC Thread 1 by MZ3MZ3, 14 Aug 2019 03:00
Re: Xander's Description by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 14 Aug 2019 02:56

Kieryn sat up, and the monk blushed when he saw that she slept in the nude. "What is it?"

"Master Yang has summoned you." Then he ducked out before he died of embarrassment.

She pulled on her t-shirt, and then her button-up shirt, and once she was fully dressed she went into the hallway and down towards the Room of the Lotus. When she arrived, she saw that many of the monks were present, and a few more were arriving. She gasped, seeing one of her favorite masters lying on the ground, quite dead. She wondered if someone thought she did it. "Master Chang?"

Yang was already kneeling before the dead master, and he smiled. "Chang led a good life. His last request was to be returned to his village, so he can be buried with his ancestors. Kee, you will go with Ping, Yuen, and Woo."

"Of course, Master Yang. Thank you for thinking of me."

"I am thinking of bandits. That province is not safe. Protect your companions."

"Of course, Master Yang."

With that, she met with the three men, and they waited while Master Chang was wrapped up, and brought to the cart they would walk alongside. Each of them had a bow, a quiver of arrows, and a spear. Swords were optional, but all four took them, even though Kieryn had Blackthorn in ring form.

They would see Master Chang returned to his ancestral home.

Re: OOC Thread 1
GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC 14 Aug 2019 02:45
in discussion OOC / OOC » OOC Thread 1

What about up? Any chance you can direct those storms into space?

Been lucky with the wisdom teeth myself. I hope Matty is feeling better soon.

How is the new house coming?

Re: OOC Thread 1 by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 14 Aug 2019 02:45

Kieryn clears her throat and looks at Jinx. "What if you go to Amber? Then there doesn't have to be a war. Well, any war beyond that which has already happened."

Once Moire sits, Kieryn thinks that Martin might still go with both. Both an army and an assassin. Why not? If everyone was busy with the army, an assassin should have an easier time with the hit, even though if he hated Jinx that much, Martin would probably do it himself."

She walks over by Jinx since she wants to ask him about his ability with a blade, if he has bodyguards, if he thinks any of them can be bought off. Part of her wants to get a Trump of Martin and get into mental combat with him. She doubts that he would be able to win in a fight against the Unseelie Queen.

Ultimately, she positions herself in an odd place for her.

A bodyguard. She has never done so officially, of course, but she has done so on short notice in a very ad hoc fashion. Hopefully, she will be up to the challenge. She isn't sure if Martin is any good with a blade, but he survived being stabbed by Brand, so he was probably on the tougher side.

Re: A Random call. by GeorgeMSCGeorgeMSC, 14 Aug 2019 01:51

Vincent is thrilled that he somehow scores a yes from Random. He really didn't think his offer would go anywhere.
"Really? Oh that is fantastic. Thank you! I'll go inspect the repair work tomorrow, after I recover from any hangover from tonight. Even if I only make cosmetic adjustments, I'm sure I can improve things over the current state."

On another level, the question seemed to work in Markus's favor as well. Vincent smiles, listening to Random and Markus chit-chat. Marcus is a rich merchant, that explains the fine clothing. Why donate to Amber of all places though? Maybe Markus dreams he is related to the family and might access it's secret powers. Caine said that things like this happened occasionally. The elders were a lusty lot, a random bastard without an obvious connection to the family was not impossible. If you walked the Pattern and didn't have the family bloodline though, you were dead dead dead.

Vincent laughs when Markus jokes about asking for his money back. "I won't be doing any construction, just maybe a little painting with magic. Your money will do something real."

As the dessert cart rolls around to his side, Vincent moves his chair just a little to get a better view. He points at a yellow triangle tinged with brown. "Is that a banana custard cake?" The servant nods with a smile. "Perfect. I'll have that." Vincent takes the plate and cake, thanking the servant before giving the cake a taste. "Amazing."

Marcus seems happy with Vincent's help. Vincent smiles at Marcus's question. "I'm Vincent. I'm part of the royal family though my father, the late Prince Caine. Collyn there is my half brother. I'm not here often myself, I'm just visiting my family."

Re: OOC Thread 1
MZ3MZ3 13 Aug 2019 23:42
in discussion OOC / OOC » OOC Thread 1

Too late, the rain just let loose here. Oh well, I wasn’t going anywhere.

My two wisdom teeth grew in perfectly, but had none to meet them and would have started growing too far out with no opposing teeth to meet them. Looked like a cross between a screwdriver and chisel that the dentist used to take them out with just a local. Bled like a stick pig till I put tea bags back there.

Re: OOC Thread 1 by MZ3MZ3, 13 Aug 2019 23:42

Danni didn’t quite get the joke, but adored the playful way Darys could have about her when she wasn’t being a stone cold killer. Happy to see Daphne and Daniella both hale and healthy after the battle, they both hit hugs whether they liked it or not, with Danni whispering to Daniella,

“You were right and I was…not as right, mea culpa, big sister.”

As apologies went it was far from a totally magnanimous surrender of her own stubborn nature, and Danni did still harbor plenty of internal doubts, but the sentiment offered was real as were the hugs. It was far from proper military protocol, but Danni didn’t give a damn. Standing up to her full height she quite properly deferred to Darya on reporting on what happened in Kashfa proper. It was indeed her plan, her hard and arduous advance work and her opportunistic strike that ended things so quickly and cleanly. Instead Danni shifted her attentions to any soldiers that might take the sisters less seriously given Danni hugging them. If there was one thing Danni excelled at, it was putting any such thoughts or doubts about she or her sisters to rest with a look that dared any to cross her and had the natural authority of being an officer for most of her career.

The tent and circle were different than what Danni was used to, but she knew that her more modern home might have had military and other customs and celebrations that would look very odd and strange to the people here, so she just went with it.

That didn’t stop Danni’s eyes from being curious, nor from sending someone off to gather her a fuller set of clothes and weapons, since at that moment she was nearly naked beneath the long coat she had modestly buttoned up around herself.

“So, plan and King both executed…though I imagine his strategic skills were likely more hinderance than help to his people defending the city. He might have taken out Caine, but I doubt he could have lead a proper defense of your siege attack without a LOT of outside help. Luke was going to Trump someone when Darya ended him, any idea who that would have been?” Danni asked, figuring whatever trouble came at them next might originate with the face on that Trump, though it had been much to far away to see even with her sharp eyes.

She was here for only one reason, to keep her sisters safe amidst whatever bullshit they were involved in, hence knowing who might seek out to counter strike now their assassination of Luke was no doubt making the rounds far beyond the walls and forests of Kashfa was what mattered most to Deirdre’s youngest daughter.

Re: The Daughters of Dierdre by MZ3MZ3, 13 Aug 2019 23:34
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